The Netherlands has long been renowned for its innovative spirit, and in recent years, it has become a hub for Engineering professionals seeking to advance their careers. 

According to an article published by Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands ranks 27th out of  37 OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations, for its number of Master’s graduates in Engineering.

The incredible growth in the Dutch high-tech industry demands more Engineering professionals than locally available. This provides a unique opportunity for international talent to support the continued growth of the high-tech industry with a sustainable workforce.

Although it is a nation on the move, as with all countries, as the Netherlands grows, it faces new hurdles with its healthcare, housing, climate, energy production, and food production, all sectors that can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Engineers, which is why the country is encouraging and welcoming engineers from around the world to make a home here. 

Dutch Firms Leading the Engineering Evolution 

While much of the future of Engineering in the Netherlands is in the hands of professionals emigrating from countries like South Africa, there are several renowned Dutch Engineering firms making waves within the industry, and who benefit from the skills of arriving Engineers. 

One of these firms is ASML. 

ASML is a company that has solidified its position as a top high-tech organisation globally, specialising in manufacturing photolithography equipment, a crucial component in the production of semiconductor devices. As of October 2021, the company was valued at €270 billion, making it one of Europe’s most valuable companies. 

For professionals seeking a career in the Netherlands, ASML and the high tech Engineering industry of the Brainport region offers a unique opportunity to be part of global leaders in Engineering. The company has created an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, providing a platform for Engineers to contribute to projects that redefine technological boundaries, and attract some of the world’s best Engineering minds. 

Another company worth mentioning is Enexis, a respected electrical grid operator. With the focus on climate change and the urgency of transition to cleaner energy, the opportunity for international talent is growing. 

By attracting Engineers from an international talent pool, companies like ASML and Enexis have access to experience which is rare in the Netherlands, which greatly helps these companies in their desire to be at the forefront of industry developments. 

Projected Growth in the Brainport Region

The official Brainport Eindhoven website calls the area “A region with an inventive spirit that values those who can get things done while others say it’s impossible. Career growth, excellent life quality, and a warm community are all here, in the home of pioneers.”

It is no surprise that the Brainport region has been a natural choice for Engineers for a long time. The area is known for being a tech hub and the place where Dutch innovations are created and perfected. 

The Brainport area includes the cities of Eindhoven, Helmond, and Tilburg, and as a hub for technological advancements, the area is home to numerous research institutions, startups, and established high-tech companies. 

In the coming years, the area is expected to experience substantial growth that will solidify its status as a global hub, for innovation and for giving Engineering pioneers a place to make their names known. 

For Engineers looking for a new opportunity in the Netherlands, the Brainport region offers a dynamic ecosystem that encourages research, development, and collaboration. The area’s specific focus on sectors like high-tech systems, automotive, and smart manufacturing all contribute towards a favourable environment for professionals to contribute to cutting-edge projects. 

As industries continue to thrive in the Brainport region, the demand for skilled engineers is expected to rise, presenting plenty of career prospects.


International Talent in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has become a melting pot of international Engineering talent, due to the famous Dutch working environment and the financial rewards of working in a country with a strong economy.

The immense influx of diverse skills and perspectives has enriched the country’s Engineering landscape, and as a result, it has created a culture of collaboration.

Engineers contemplating a move to the Netherlands will find a welcoming community that values their expertise at iSprout. Our commitment to aiding international talent is evident in the various benefits and initiatives designed to ease the transition for South African Engineers. 

From language courses to cultural integration programmes, iSprout aims to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for South African professionals seeking to contribute to the country’s thriving Engineering sector.

Whether you’re a seasoned engineer looking for new challenges or a student aspiring to kickstart your career abroad, the Netherlands, with its vibrant and promising Engineering future is at the intersection of tradition and innovation.