According to a Dutch study, there is a steady, rapid growth in South African professionals moving to the Netherlands. But why are these South African professionals moving to the Netherlands?

Is the Netherlands a good place for South African professionals to live and work? Well, according to the almost 2000 South Africans that moved there in 2021, it is. A study by statistical bureau CBS showed that South Africa was one of the top 10 source markets for companies in the Netherlands.

A better work-life balance

Like some of its other European counterparts, the Netherlands has an understanding of the importance of a work-life balance. Many businesses in the Netherlands offer flexible working hours and the average holiday allowance is 20 days per year. This is the highest holiday allowance in all of Europe.

The country’s economic growth

According to the study by CBS, while the world was struggling during 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, this crisis did not deter growth in the Netherlands. During this time, economic growth rose to 4.8%. For every 100 unemployed people in the Netherlands there are currently 123 vacancies.

The 70/30 rule

One of the attractions that draw South African professionals is their 70/30 tax scheme. Through this scheme only 70% of your income is taxable resulting in the remaining 30% being tax-free.

Career Opportunities

There are many attractive opportunities for professionals seeking a career in the Netherlands.  The top opportunities fall in the “highly skilled” category with the top opportunities appearing in engineering, financial and information technology.

Easy emigration for the highly-skilled

South African’s are in demand and are known for their work-ethic and reliability. For this reason, South African’s that fall into the “highly skilled” categories will easily get a work VISA to start their career in the Netherlands which simplifies their emigration process.

Friendly people

Known for its warm and welcoming people, Dutch people are always happy to see new faces. Whether you are a local or an expat, Dutch people are happy to strike up a conversation at any time. This is one of the reasons why the Netherlands is ranked among the top 5 countries for people to start a new career in.

Better quality of life

With crime on the rise, increased joblessness, ongoing power issues and declining education standards, among numerous reasons South Africans have lost confidence in the future of their country, many professionals are seeking opportunities to better their future. The Netherlands offers a higher standard of living, better tax rates, improved quality of life and higher earning potential.

For professionals wanting a career in the Netherlands there are many factors to consider. iSprout makes emigrating simple by assisting South Africans through the process of finding an opportunity, applying for their work visa and moving. If you’re an engineering or financial professional in SA looking for a career in the Netherlands contact iSprout today.