Why consider working in the Netherlands? According to a Dutch research study, there is a steady, rapid growth in South African professionals moving to the Netherlands. But why are these South African professionals moving to the Netherlands?

Is the Netherlands a good place for South African professionals to live and work? Well, according to the almost 2000 South Africans that moved there in 2021, it is. A study by statistical bureau CBS showed that South Africa was one of the top 10 source markets for companies in the Netherlands. So graduates should definitely consider working in the Netherlands.

A better work-life balance

The Netherlands understands the importance of a work-life balance. Many businesses in the Netherlands offer flexible working hours and an average holiday allowance. At about 20 days per year it is also the highest paid allowance in Europe. Usually paid out in the beginning of summer, It also allows you to enjoy the summer sun while you break away from your regular 9-5. 

The country’s economic growth

According to the study by CBS, while the world was struggling during 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, this crisis did not deter growth in the Netherlands. During this time, economic growth upto 4.8%. For every 100 unemployed people in the Netherlands, there are currently 123 vacancies.

The 70/30 tax rule

One of the attractions that draw South African professionals is their 70/30 tax scheme. Through this scheme only the first 70% of highly skilled migrants’ income is taxable. The remaining 30% is tax-free.

Opportunities When Working in the Netherlands

Graduates who are seeking a career in the Netherlands can find many opportunities available to them.  The top opportunities fall in the “highly skilled” or “qualified” category. The most opportunities being in engineering, financial and information technology.

Easy emigration for those willing to work in the Netherlands

South Africans are in demand and are known for their work-ethic and reliability. For this reason, South Africans that fall into the “highly skilled” or “Qualified” categories will easily get a work VISA to start their career in the Netherlands which simplifies their emigration process.

Friendly people

The Dutch folk hold a renowned status for their warmth and hospitality. Whether you are local or an expat, be assured that solitude and loneliness shall not befall you. The Dutch eagerly anticipate meeting you and partaking in conversations on occasion.

Quality of life working in the Netherlands

Apart from work-life balance, the high standard quality of life in the Netherlands is another reason why you should consider the Netherlands as the place where you can kick start your career. Opportunities for traveling are endless. With Europe at your doorstep you’ll have the chance to experience new cultures, languages and cuisine. An efficient public transport system allows for travel across the Netherlands to be easy and accessible. Graduates can enjoy the vibrant, innovative atmosphere of the Brainport region to cultivate their own ideas about technology and business.

For professionals wanting a career in the Netherlands there are many factors to consider. iSprout makes emigrating simple by assisting South Africans through the process of finding an opportunity, applying for their work visa and moving. If you’re an engineering or financial professional in SA looking for a career in the Netherlands contact iSprout today. Let’s get you working in the Netherlands today!