Core Values

Our innovative approachensures you’re taken care ofevery step of the way!

Our approach is personal

Big on people.Not numbers.

We work with a selective group of professionals in order to create the most efficient balance for your business. By nurturing every step of their growth, we enable better business practices that have a more positive impact on our people, which ultimately lead to better outcomes for the success of your business.

We sow, you sprout.

Development as an individual is fostered by adapting and working in new (international) environments. Our business model allows us to focus the attention on our people, so you don’t have to. In turn, this creates better retention and ultimately, happier, harder working employees.

Let’s grow together.

We believe in the power of community. It accelerates growth and inspires us to improve, every single day! We aim to create long-lasting and strategic relationships with our partners and people for years to come.

What goes around,comes around.

People are the centre of our organisation, and it is at the centre of our values to give back to the communities that make it possible. By doing this we create a circular, strategic and scalable iSprout solution.

Our Working Model

The ball is in your court.We’re here to take careof the rest!

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Our working model allows us to nurture every step of their growth and onboarding, ultimately enabling better business practices, increasing retention and reducing risks for our clients.


Attention to thefiner details

iSprout has a full scope delivery model that unburdens our clients. Everything from onboarding, immigration, flights, to dutch language courses and housing. Top talent taken care of!


Talent Sourcing

We work with talent from the top 5 universities in South Africa.


Client Consulting

Our clients are among some of the most competitive in the Netherlands.


Your competitiveadvantage

Our diversity, inclusion and focused approach is what makes us different, giving you the competitive edge you need. iSprout has a high social and business integration rate.


Top tier workforce atyour fingertips

We work with some of the top universities in South Africa to bring you the most impressive pool of candidates you’ve ever seen. We do this all while giving back to the people who make our work possible!



We’re here every step of the way!
Yes – even flights and visas.



We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships with our community.

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Our Business Approach

It’s all about the facts.Why South Africa?

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University of Cape Town ranked 1st in Africa, 183 globally vs TU Eindhoven ranked 250



Over 30k South African graduates in STEM related subjects per year from the Top Uni’s



Female graduates from
Stellenbosch Uni against 33%
at the TU Delft.



South Africans “Open to work”
versus 6% currently in the

Our Vision

We’ve got big visionsfor the future.

We hire professionals from South Africa’s top universities.

University Details

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is South Africa's oldest university, and is one of Africa's leading teaching and research institutions. UCT is 77th (21 places higher than in 2021) in the world for clinical and health in the latest subject rankings, but also has a great track record in South Africa in Accounting & Finance.

The Stellenbosch University is a public research university situated in Stellenbosch, a town in the Western Cape province of Southern Africa. Besides Stellenbosch being world-famous because of its wines, it is also known for delivering some of the best engineers in (South) Africa. From the more classical Mechanical Engineering to Mechatronics and Robotics, it is all available at US.

The University of Pretoria is one of the world’s top universities and occupies a space in the top 1,9% of universities in the world. UP ranks highly for Africa across several ranking measurement systems which take into consideration a range of factors.

The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg is a multi-campus South African public research university situated in the northern areas of central Johannesburg. It is more commonly known as Wits University or Wits. The university has its roots in the mining industry, as do Johannesburg and the Witwatersrand in general. Founded in 1896 as the South African School of Mines, it is the third oldest South African university in continuous operation.

Johannesburg, the breathing business center of (South) Africa, also hosts the University of Johannesburg. UJ has a student population of over 50 000, of which more than 3000 are international students from 80 countries.

The FAQ’s

We know you’vegot questions.

Let’s get down to the facts

FAQs Clients New

Our community, our focus and our dedication! We want to build long-lasting relationships and act accordingly. Challenge us!
Learning Dutch is a key element to being successful in the Netherlands, but also to integrate into the Dutch lifestyle. iSprout feels committed to offering our team all the means to learn Dutch. However, this is a joint effort to challenge them and help them master the language.
Yes and no. Yes, if it’s match made in heaven and they want to work with you directly. We do offer options to hire directly after a certain period, but of course we also strive to be the best employer and build long-lasting relationships. Consider this a friendly competition!
We will take the lead in setting up and completing the immigration process, we’ve got you covered!
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